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These ergonomically-designed lounge chairs are designed just for your relaxation. Whether for leaning back or for comfortable sitting, many of these items will be suitable for your interiors. Enjoy informal and friendly conversations with friends and family while sitting in these chairs. Curl up with a book on weekends and after a hectic work day, and these chairs are guaranteed to provide the comfort that you seek.
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Schnapps Stool
Our Price: $97.00
Dewdrop Stool
Our Price: $100.00
Pattern Rocker Arm Chair
Our Price: $174.00
Double Lounge
Our Price: $175.00
Ginger Rocker Arm Chair
Our Price: $220.00
Back Lounge
Our Price: $242.00
Atel Lounge Chair Atel Lounge Chair
Our Price: $303.00
Slice Chair
Our Price: $313.00
Vogel Lounge Chair
Our Price: $333.00
LC1 Sling Chair
Our Price: $337.00
Chester Chair in Black
Our Price: $374.00
Chester Chair in White
Our Price: $374.00